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Basic Fizzy Bath Bomb Instructions

What You Need

 1 ½ cups baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
 ¾ cup citric acid
 ½ tsp. Water based liquid dye or water or witch hazel
 ½ tsp. Fragrance oil or blend of Essential oils
 Spray mister filled with water or witch hazel


Place your fragrance and dye in your bowl first. Next add the baking soda. Add your citric acid last. Note: you don't want to add the citric acid to the liquids as it will cause the citric acid to react. Stir mixture together with a spoon to disperse the fragrance and dyes. Blend the entire mixture with your hands until the color and dye are evenly dispersed and the mixture begins to hold its shape in your hand when you press it together. If you find your mixture is too dry and not holding it's shape, spray one or two mists of either water or witch hazel. Blend your mixture some more. You may need to repeat this step a couple of times to get the consistency you need to mold your bath bomb.


Take a handful of your bath bomb mixture and pack it tightly into your mold. Level off the back of the bomb, trim off any other excess mixture and flip out onto a waxed lined cookie sheet or other flat surface that is lined with wax paper.  Allow your bath bomb to set up for one day.

If you find your bath bombs are sticking in the mold, chances are you may have too much water in them. Lightly dust the inside of the mold with baking soda and pack a new bomb in again. One customer told us that she sprays a cloth with cooking spray and wipes the inside of the molds which works for her.

If you find your bombs are crumbling, you probably need to add one or two mists of water and mix well again. Be careful not to over mist.

Adding Dried Flowers

You can add dried flowers to your bath bombs while molding them. To do this, make sure your flowers are not too big, so crush them down a bit. Place half of the mixture that would fill your mold, next add some of the dried flowers and then fill the mold up with more of the bath bomb mixture. Press firmly, trim off any excess mixture and release the bomb onto your drying surface.

Making Multi-Colored Bath Bombs

To make multi-colored bath bombs, make two or three of the recipes as above, but use water in one, one color of dye in another and another color of dye in the third. Place a bit of the mixture from each recipe in your mold next to each other. Press mixture firmly in the mold, remove excess and level off the back before releasing onto your drying surface.


Bath Bombs make a wonderful room freshener before they are used. You can leave a number of them in a pretty bowl sitting in the washroom before using or elsewhere around the home.

Adding Other Skin Loving Conditioners

Epsom Salts - up to ¼ cup
Oils - grapeseed or olive - up to 1 tablespoon per recipe
Cocoa butter - up to 1 tablespoon either melted or crumbled up
Coconut Oil - up to 1 tablespoon melted
Shea Butter - up to 1 tablespoon melted
Vitamin E - 1 capsule

Packaging Ideas

Wrap your bath bombs in pretty plastic gift bags and tie a ribbon on the top.

Wrap your bombs in netting with the top tied as well.


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